20210120 PTS English News Transcript

<China Is US' Greatest Challenge: Biden Official>

"As we look at China, there is no doubt that it poses the most significant challenge of any nation-state to the United States."US Secretary of State *Nominee Antony Blinken
[nominee/ˌnɑ.məˈni/:someone who has been nominated for something(被提名者)]
<China Is US' Greatest Challenge: Biden Official>
Duing a *Senate hearing on the 19th, US Secretary of State nominee Antony Blinken said China remains the US' greatest challenge and he hopes there can be cross-party policies to fight China in the future.
[senate/ˈsen.ət/:the more important of the two groups of politicians who make laws in some countries such as the US, Australia, and France((美國、澳大利亞、法國等國的)參議院)]
<Taiwan Is a Strategic Issue for US: Biden Official>
Blinken also said the Biden administration would continue *upholding the US' promise to Taiwan.
[uphold/ʌpˈhoʊld/:to defend or keep a principle or law, or to say that a decision that has already been made, especially a legal one, is correct(支援,維護,贊成(尤指法律上的決議))]
"Taiwan have the ability to defend itself against *aggression, and that is a *commitment that will *absolutely *endure in a, in the Biden Administration."US Secretary of State Nominee Antony Blinken
[aggression/əˈɡreʃ.ən/:spoken or physical behaviour that is threatening or involves harm to someone or something(侵略,侵犯,攻擊,挑釁)]
[commitment/kəˈmɪt.mənt/:a willingness to give your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something(忠誠;投入;奉獻;承諾,保證,諾言)]
[endure/ɪnˈdʊr/:to suffer something difficult, unpleasant, or painful(忍耐;忍受)]
<Milltary Action Against Taiwan Would Be Mistake: Blinken>
Blinken said it would be a wrong decision if China were to take military action against Taiwan, and that Taiwan *remains a *strategic issue for the US.
[remain/rɪˈmeɪn/:to stay in the same place or in the same condition
[strategic/strəˈti.dʒɪk/:used to provide military forces with an advantage((武器、戰爭或地方)戰略性的,有戰略優勢的)]
<Blinken Has Spoken with Tsai Several Times>
Blinken also mentioned meetion with President Tsai Ing-wen during her presidential campaign and said he has spoken with her several times since.
 [mention/ˈmen.ʃən/:to speak about something quickly, giving little detail or using few words(提及,說起,談到)]
"to actually receive her as a candidate at the State Department when I was last there. I spoke to her a number of times when she became president and I was deputy *secretary of state. But the commmitment to Taiwan is something that we hold to very strongly."US Secretary of State Nominee Antony Blinken
[secretary of state/ˌsek.rə.te.ri/:in the US, an important government official who has responsibility for relationships with the governments of other countries(國務卿)]
<US Support Taiwan *Participation in WHO:Blinken>
[participation/pɑrˌtɪs.əˈpeɪ.ʃən/:to take part in or become involved in an activity(參與,參加)]
As for out going Secretary of State Mike Pompwo's decision to *dump the *rulebook for Taiwan-US relations less than aweek ago, Blinken said his team would review the Taiwan *Assurance Act. He also said he supports Taiwan's participaion in the global community, including *granding Taiwan observer status in the World Health Organization.
[dump/dʌmp/:to get rid of something unwanted, especially by leaving it in a place where it is not allowed to be(拋棄;亂扔,亂丟)]
[rulebook/ˈrul.bʊk/:a book containing the official rules for an organization or activity(規則手冊,規章手冊)]
[assurance/əˈʃʊr.əns/:a promise(保證)]
[grand/ɡrænd/:important and large in degree(重大的;主要的;首要的)]
"The United States highlights in this *regard the important *contributions of, Taiwan can make, to these discussions, as well as other *aspects, of COVID-19 response, if they were allowed to participate fully as an observer in the WHO's technical work."US Department of Health and Human Services Garrett Grigsby
[regard/rɪˈɡɑrd/:to consider or have an opinion about something or someone(考慮,思考;將…認為;看待)]
[contribution/ˌkɑn.trɪˈbju.ʃən/:something that you contribute or do to help produce or achieve something together with other people, or to help make something successful(貢獻,奉獻;捐款;捐助(物);投稿)]
[aspect/ˈæs.pekt/:one part of a situation, problem, subject, etc.(方面;層面)]
<US Supports Granting Taiwan Observer Status in WHO>
A survey team from the WHO landed in China last week. US health offical Garrett Grigsby said there can be no results from the survey unless PRC officials hand over all data and samples they have on hand.
Translated by M.Chuang.
<*Troops Ordered to Avoid Going to Taoyuan Area>
The *ministry also announced that Taoyuan-based troops will not visit other base for 14 days starting on Jan. 19.
[troop/trup/:soldiers on duty in a large group(部隊,軍隊)]
[ministry/ˈmɪn.ə.stri/:in countries, a department of the government led by a minister((政府的)部)]
Acivities such as fitness tests, family visit for new *recruits, and meetings should be held *virtually to the greatest extent possible. For projects that require travel, all facilites will be disinfected once the project is over and involved personnel will need to undergo a 21-day self-health manegement. 
Translated by C.Chuang.
[recruit/rɪˈkrut/:a new member of an organization, especially the army(新成員,新來的人;(尤指)新兵)]
[undergo:to experience something that is unpleasant or something that involves a change(經歷,經受(令人不快的事或變化))]
<Taoyuan Hospital Evacuating Patients After COVID-19 Outbreak>
Ambulances come and go as an army of disinfection workers make their way around the hospital. With Taoyuan Hospital's cluster infection growing by the day, 353 hospital employees are *currently in 14-day quarantine and patients are being evacuated.
[currently/ˈkɝ.ənt.li/:at the present time:(目前地)]
"The hospital told us we're not allowed to have anyone accompanying us unless we can't take care of ourselves."Haspitalized Patient
"Are you being transferred?"Reporter says
"I'm waiting to be transferred, yes."Haspitalized Patient
"We have to consider patient safety, because every patient's condition is different and every patient's condition is different and the *receicing hospital has to have the resources to take them."Section Chief, Department of Public Health, Taoyuan City Chen Hsiao-chun
[receive/rɪˈsiv/:to get or be given something(得到;收到;受到)]
<Nanmen Market Closes for Disinfection>
The Department of Public Health says it will continue following the evacuation *directives of the Central Epidemic Command Center. Meanwhile, Taoyuan's Nanmen Market underwent emergency disinfection on the 19th and was shut down on the 20th for another round of disinfection after it was *revealed the two married nurses from the hospital that tested positive fo  COVID-19 visited the market before testing positive.
[directive/dəˈrektiv/:an official instruction(官方指示.指令,命令)]
[reveal/rɪˈvil/:to make known or show something that is surprising or that was previously secret(揭露;洩露;透露)]
"We closed down for the day for thorough disinfection."Manager, Nanmen Market Huang Ching-ho.
"Of course you have *concerns. That's normal. I hope everone can *be responsible for their own health. Under these *circumstances, we need everyone to work together to get through this"Nanmen Market Vendor.
[concern/kənˈsɝn/:to cause worry to someone(使擔憂;使掛念;使焦慮)]
[be responsible to sb/sth /rɪˈspɑn.sə.bəl/:to be controlled by someone or something(向…負責)]
[circumstance/ˈsɝ.kəm.stæns/:a fact or event that makes a situation the way it is(條件,情況,情形,形勢.事實或事件使情況發生的方式)]
"Will business be affected if you close down for one day?" Reporter says
"It's fine as long as everyone is safe."Nanmen Market Vendor.
<Consumers Worried Market Is Ticking Time bomb>
Sales at the 60-year-old market have *plummeted since the news broke with consumers worried the market is a ticking time bomb. Vendors say this will be a *miserable new year.
Translated by M.Chuang
[plummet/ˈplʌm.ɪt/:to fall very quickly and suddenly(暴跌,急遽下降)]
[miserable/ˈmɪz.ɚ.ə.bəl/:very unhappy(痛苦的;可憐的)]
<*Variant in Taoyuan Cluster Infection Highly *Transmissible>
The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases resulting from a cluster infection that *occurred at Taoyuan General Hospital continues to rise. The Central Epidemic Command Center said the variant in question is the relatively more trans missible "D614G" varient. 
[variant/ˈver.i.ənt/:something that is slightly different from other similar things(變體;變種;變形)]
[transmissible/trænzˈmɪs.ə.bəl/:of diseases, etc., able to be passed from one person or animal to another:(可傳播.能夠從一個人或動物傳染給另一人或動物的疾病等)]
[occur/əˈkɝ/:(especially of accidents and other unexpected events) to happen(發生(尤其是事故和其他意外事件))]
<Corners over Unknown Transmission Channels>
This is the same variant that is currently spreading *rapidly in the US. Infectious disease doctors say this variant is highly transmissible, though clinical symptoms are nearly the same as the original virus. The *fatality rate is not higher. What concerns doctors now is that there were additional transmission channels in the hospital that haven't yet been identified.
[rapidly/ˈræp.ɪd.li/:in a fast or sudden way(以快速或突然的方式)]
[fatality/fəˈtæl.ə.ti/:a death caused by an accident or by violence, or someone who has died in either of these ways(死亡.因事故或暴力造成的死亡,或以任何一種方式死亡的人)]
"Taoyuan General Hospital that occurred earlier. Perhaps their symptoms were very unclear, but they still infected the environment, resulting in later infections. 
As for the other infection chain(the foreign *caregiver), the only thing you can do is trace it by testing everyone in the hospital. If you test everyone for *antibodies and know exactly how many people have antibodies, then you can get a clearer picture. "Chairperson, Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan Huang Li-min.
[caregiver/ˈkerˌɡɪv.ɚ/:someone who takes care of a person who is young, old, or sick(看護者,護理員)]
[antibody/ˈæn.tiˌbɑ.di/:a protein produced in the blood that fights diseases by attacking and killing harmful bacteria(抗體.血液中產生的一種蛋白質,通過攻擊和殺死有害細菌來抵抗疾病)]
<All Hospital Personnel Should Be Tested:Doctors>
Doctors say it is possible that there was a first wave of infection where the infected people only had light symptoms and *therefore were not tested. They advise all hospital personnel, including nurses, to take PCR and antibody tests. Contacts should also be traced. 
[therefore/ˈðer.fɔr/:for that reason(因此,因而,所以)]
<People *Urged to Follow Disease Prevention Measures>
National Taiwan University's college of Public Health said this cluster infection is a *reminder that everyone needs to *adhere to the government's disease *prevention *measures and avert community transmission. 
[urge/ɝ.dʒ/:to strongly advise or try to persuade someone to do a particular thing(敦促;驅策;力勸.強烈建議或說服某人做某事)]
[reminder/rɪˈmaɪn.dɚ/:a written or spoken message that reminds someone to do something(通知單,提示信,提醒(的話),提示.提醒某人做某事的書面或口頭信息)]
[adhere to sth /ədˈhɪr/:to continue to obey a rule or have a belief(堅持;遵守;忠於)]
[prevention/prɪˈven.ʃən/:the act of stopping something from happening or of stopping someone from doing something(阻止,妨礙;預防.阻止某事發生或阻止某人做某事的行為)]
[measure/ˈmeʒ.ɚ/:to judge the quality, effect, importance, or value of something(估量,衡量)]
<Variant in Taoyuan Cluster Not UK Variant>
It also said the virus that caused this cluster infection wasn't the UK variant and people shouldn't *panic.
[panic/ˈpæn.ɪk/:to suddenly feel so worried or frightened that you cannot think or behave calmly or reasonably((使)恐慌,(使)驚慌失措.突然感到如此擔心或恐懼,以至於無法冷靜或理性地思考或表現)]
"This type of small-scale hospital cluster infection is unavoidable. Household infections are also unavoidable. It will of course be a challenge to respond to the extremely serious global pandemic if people aren't able to *strictly *abide by disease prevention measures."Professor, College of Public Health,NTU Chen hsiu-hsi
[strictly/ˈstrɪkt.li/:in a way that would bring severe punishment if not obeyed(嚴格地,嚴厲地.如果不遵守的話,將會帶來嚴厲的懲罰)]
[abide by sth/əˈbaɪd/:to accept or obey an agreement, decision, or rule(遵守,遵循(協議、決定或規章))]
<Source of One Infection Remains Unknown>
Doctors say all the people infected in this cluster infection moved around in their communities before being diagnosed.
<Three to Four Weeks Additional Monitoring Needed>
*Authorities have also been unable to identify the source of infection of one foreign caregiver, so they will have to continue monitoring for at least three to four weeks until the Lunar New Year period.
Translated by C.Chuang 
[authority/əˈθɔːr.ə.ti/:a group of people with official responsibility for a particular area of activity(當局;官方;當權者)]
<Partyworld Fire *Victims File Class-Action *Suit>
[victim/ˈvɪk.təm/:someone or something that has been hurt, damaged, or killed or has suffered, either because of the actions of someone or something else, or because of illness or chance(受害者.由於某人或某物的行為,或者由於疾病或機會而受到傷害,破壞或殺害或遭受痛苦的某人或某物)]
[suit/sut/:a problem taken to a law court by an ordinary person or an organization rather than the police in order to obtain a legal decision(訴訟,訟案,由普通人或警方以外的機構提起的)]
Twenty victims who survive the *fatal fire at Partyworld's Linsen branch have filed a class action suit, seeking NT$40 million in *compensation. The fire last Aprill killed six and injured 54.
[fatal/ˈfeɪ.təl/:A fatal illness, accident, etc. causes death.(致命的)]
[victim/ˈvɪk.təm/:someone or something that has been hurt, damaged, or killed or has suffered, either because of the actions of someone or something else, or because of illness or chance(受害者.由於某人或某物的行為,或者由於疾病或機會而受到傷害,破壞或殺害或遭受痛苦的某人或某物)]
[compensation/ˌkɑm.penˈseɪ.ʃən/:money that is paid to someone in exchange for something that has been lost or damaged or for some problem(賠償金,補償金;支付給某人的錢,以換取丟失或損壞的東西或某些問題)]
<Firefighters' Groups Call for Illegal Factory Management>
Civic groups protested outside the Executive Yuan, demanding the *establishment of a cross-ministry task force to manage illegal factories. Two firefighters were killed during the illegal factory fire in Daya last year.
[establishment/ɪˈstæb.lɪʃ.mənt/:a business or other organization, or the place where an organization operates(企業;機構;單位)]
<Suhua Highway Tunnel Opens to Trucks>
Over 500 trucks used a Suhua Hightway tunnel on the first day after the *restrictions were relaxed to allow trucks under 12.2 meters in length to enter. However, overweight trucks were also an issue. 
[restriction/rɪˈstrɪk.ʃən/:an official limit on something(受限制的,受約束的(尤指官方))]
<Ko *Declares Interst in Running for President>
<Taipei Lantern Festival *Postponed Due to COVID-19>
[postpone/poʊstˈpoʊn/:to delay an event and plan or decide that it should happen at a later date or time(延後,延緩,使延期)]
Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je recently announced the city's Lantern Festival will be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He also praised the Central Epidemic Command Center's disease prevention team, saying Taiwan has been able to keep the situation under control due to their efforts and *lauding their leadership skills. Ko also recently gave an interview to a Japanese daily. He offered some disease prevention advice to Japan ,and also declared his interest in running for president in 2024.
[laud/lɑːd/:to praise(讚美,讚揚,讚頌)]
[offer/ˈɑ.fɚ/:to ask someone if they would like to have something or if they would like you to do something(主動給予;主動提出;提議)]
<Ko Not Opposed to Food from Radiation-Affected Areas>
Ko also said he would not oppose opening up also said he would not oppose opening up Taiwan to imports of Japanese food from radiation-affected areas if two conditions are met. The conditions are *scientific testing that show no issues, and place of origin lavels.
[scientific/ˌsaɪənˈtɪf.ɪk/:relating to science, or using the organized methods of science(科學的;應用科學方法的)]
"Supervision at the source and clear labels. When the time comes, I will propose *supervision at the source and clear labels. I've already thought about this, that if food from radiation-affected areas enter in the future, we can use the same methods to handle it. If you completely put up no *resistance to the US today, then you will have a hard time explaining yourself to Japan tomorrow."Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je
[supervision/ˌsu.pɚˈvɪʒ.ən/:the act of watching a person or activity and making certain that everything is done correctly, safely, etc.
[resistance/rɪˈzɪs.təns/:the act of fighting against something that is attacking you, or refusing to accept something(抵抗;反抗;反對)]
<Food Standards Need to Be Consistent:Ko>
Ko said politics require long-term planning, not short-term operations. Policies also need to be *consistant, and the same standards can be used for ractopamine pork and food from radiation-affected areas. This can save time and trouble. When asked about this issue, and trouble. 
[consistent/kənˈsɪs.tənt/:always behaving or happening in a similar, especially positive, way(一貫的;堅持的;始終如一的)]
<Legislative President Will Respect Executive Yuan's Decision>
When asked about this issue, Legislative President You Si-kun said he will respect the Executive Yuan's decision. 
"I will respect the Executive Yuan's decision on this *matter. We of course want the Exceutive Yuan to make decisions that are based on scientific evidence. It's still unknown now(whether we will open up to food from radiation-affected areas)."Legislative President You Si-kun
[matter/ˈmæt.ɚ/:a situation or subject that is being dealt with or considered(事情,事件)]
<Food Safety Issues Hotly Debated>
Tsai Ing-wen's second term has been marked by food safety issues, from ractopamine pork to food originating from radiation-affected areas. These issues have been *hotly *debated and discussed, including by *potential presidential *candidates such as Ko.
Translated by C.Chuang.
[hotly/ˈhɑt.li/:in an angry or excited way(憤怒地;激動地)]
[debate/dɪˈbeɪt/:serious discussion of a subject in which many people take part(談論,討論;爭論,辯論)]
[potential/poʊˈten.ʃəl/:possible when the necessary conditions exist(潛在的,可能的)]
[candidate/ˈkæn.dɪ.dət/:a person who is competing to get a job or elected position(申請人;候選人)]
<Security Tight as Night Falls in US Capital Ahead of Biden Inauguration>
Before Joe Biden is *sworn in as the 46th US president, much of downtown DC became a ghost town with roads blocked off with security checkpoints and armed police and troops on standby.
[sworn/swɔrn/:formally and officially stated as being true(正式宣誓過的)]
<UK Hospitals *Overwhelmed by Second COVID-19 Wave>
UK Hospital intensive care units are becoming overwhelmed as the second wave of COVID-19 batters the United Kingdom. The country has the world's fifth worst official death toll from COVID-19,with over 81000 *fatalities.
[overwhelme/ˌoʊ.vɚˈwelm/:it covers it suddenly and completely.(淹沒,覆蓋,漫過)]
[fatality/fəˈtæl.ə.ti/:a death caused by an accident or by violence, or someone who has died in either of these ways((事故或暴力事件中的)死亡,死者)]
<Two More Australian Open Players Test positive for COVID-19>
Ten people associated with the Australian Open, including four players, have now tested positive for the virus. More than 70 players and their *entourage are confined to their hotel rooms and unable to train.
[entourage/ˌɑn.tuˈrɑʒ/:the group of people who travel with and work for an important or famous person((名人的)隨行人員,隨從)]
<Beigang Lantern Festival Cancelled>
On the 20th, the Yunlin County Goverment announced the cancellation of the Beigang Lantern Festival.
The New Year's grab-bag event is cancelled.
"The New Year's grab- bag event is cancelled. The Beigang Lantern Festival is also cancelled."Yunlin County Magistrate Chang Li-shan
<Taitung Festivals Still On for Now>
For now, the Taitung Lantern Festival and Lord Handan Festival are still on. This may change at any time.
"If we hold the event, we will require real-name registration and workers will be asked to maintain social distancing."Chair, Taitun Tianhou Temple Lin You- teh
<Temples Cancel *Incense Burning Contests>
Several temples including Taichung's Jenn Lann Temple, Changhua's Nanyao Temple and Yunlin's Taiping Matzu Temple have *modified their New Year's Day incense traditions. 
[incense/ˈɪn.sens/:a substance that is burnt to produce a sweet smell, especially as part of a religious ceremony((尤指在宗教儀式上焚燒的)香)]
[modify/ˈmɑ.də.faɪ/:to change something such as a plan, opinion, law, or way of behaviour slightly, usually to improve it or make it more acceptable(修改,更改,改造,改變(稍作))]
"We will open the temple at the same time as usual, but we will have new *protocols in place this year. We will not be holding the incense burning contest."Deputy Chair, Jenn Lann Temple Cheng Ming-kun
[protocol/ˈproʊ.tə.kɑl/:the system of rules and acceptable behaviour used at official ceremonies and occasions(禮儀,禮節)]
"We are also cancelling our incense burning contest. We will hold a mass prayer and then everyone can place their (incense) stick in their own pot."Chair, Taiping Matzu Temple Yang Wen-chung
<Zinan Temple Cancels Annual Coin *Handout>
[handout /ˈhænd.aʊt/:something such as food, clothing, or money that is given free to someone who has a great need for it(施捨物;救濟金)]
Zinan Temple Cancels annual its *commemorative coin hangout on New Year's Day. The event usually attracts tens of thousands of devotees. 
[commemorative/kəˈmem.ɚ.ə.tɪv/:done or made to officially remember and give respect to a great person or event:(紀念性的.為了正式記住並尊重一個偉大的人或事件而做的事情:)]
<Real-name Registration Required for Pilgrimage>
Temple officials and local borough chiefs in Yunlin have also agreed to cancel its rice-eating event but the *pilgrimage will still be held with real-name registration *requirements in place.
Translated by M.Chuang
[pilgrimage/ˈpɪl.ɡrə.mɪdʒ/:a special journey made by a pilgrim(朝聖, 朝聖之旅.朝聖者的一段特殊旅程)]
[requirement/rɪˈkwaɪr.mənt/:something that you must do, or something you need(需要;有賴於;要求;規定.您必須要做的事情,或者您需要做的事情)]
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